Pirates of the Caribbean-Cabarete Sunshine and Investments in the Dominican Republic


Roni Scacchi (Ronaldo) – another scamster from Cabarete

Roni Scacchi (Ronaldo) - another scamster from Cabarete

We just got notified from a Swiss editor about another scamster in Cabarete , mainly in the German speaking community, nevertheless Roni Scacchi also damages other nationalities, so be warned. His company he uses to generate the funds for his lavish life style is Palm Hills SA.

He uses this information (tries to somewhat hide under a false name, his REAL FIRST NAME is RONALDO and not ROLANDO as stated below):


Palm Hills
Caribe Real Estate S.A.
Carretera 27
Dominican Republic

Tel.: +1-809-571 0988
Fax: +1-809-571-0986
Internet: www.karibik-invest.de
E-mail: info@karibik-invest.de

Persönlich haftende Gesellschafterin: Palm Hills Caribe Real Estate S.A.

Vertretungsberechtigter Geschäftsführer: Rolando Scacchi

Registergericht: Santo Domingo, Dominikanische Republik


RNC Nr 1-05-03794-7

Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 6 TDG: Rolando Scacchi

More to come soon, here the link to the German site



Pedophile Roni Scacchi posing with a dog, rumor has it that he is also into zoophilia...


Gordon Gannon is about to get slaughtered – finally!

Gordon Gannon is about to get slaughtered - finally!

He was bilking foreigners for years with his unfinished ruins in the heart of Cabarete, now he started to steal land from old Dominican families, and that is a mistake! High politicians, who can be bought..., are now defending the poor Dominican peasant, I am sure Gordon Gannon, the par venue from Canada will not survive that.

Watch the interview with Angel Lockward, and you know Gannon's days are counted.


Total Immersion Spanish Lessons and Surfing in South America or, as They Say in Spanish, “Aprender Espa

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) July 28, 2010

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Oceanfront Duplex

Oceanfront Duplex

and the best surfing beach in the area.

Price: $ 3,078 - $ 4,067 Weekly

1405 Ocean Drive
93035 Oxnard, USA


Surfing Burleigh Heads_3432

Some cool best surfing images:

Surfing Burleigh Heads_3432

Image by Michael Dawes

Surfing Burleigh Heads_3411

Image by Michael Dawes

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