Pirates of the Caribbean-Cabarete Sunshine and Investments in the Dominican Republic


Gordon Gannon is about to get slaughtered – finally!

Gordon Gannon is about to get slaughtered - finally!

He was bilking foreigners for years with his unfinished ruins in the heart of Cabarete, now he started to steal land from old Dominican families, and that is a mistake! High politicians, who can be bought..., are now defending the poor Dominican peasant, I am sure Gordon Gannon, the par venue from Canada will not survive that.

Watch the interview with Angel Lockward, and you know Gannon's days are counted.


Gordon Gannon and those evil view obstructing trees…

Kaoba Killers Fined, Avoid Jail

Sources in the Dominican Environment ministry indicate that the three principals involved in the killing by poison of dozens of protected Kaoba trees in the Caribbean Hills subdivision in El Choco have been fined. The fines were in the six figure range starting at DOP$100,000. In mid September of 2010 residents discovered a dozen Kaoba trees scattered across three or four lots in front of the new “hotel” that had been scored by a saw a few feet of the ground and poison injected. A few days later, they were all dead. Police at the time spoke with hired workers of Ronald Blissett. Some of the trees were on property he claimed to have sold but which legally was still in his name. There is a history of Kaoba theft and trafficking in the area. According to news stories on Dominican Central and DRSol 15,000m2 of trees on one owner’s lot, many Kaoba, were poisoned and chemically burned in an aborted Blissett property swindle earlier in 2010 – Ron Blissett ‘sold’ another owner’s lots to a Gordon Gannon. While Gannon was in temporary possession the trees were all killed before he was legally evicted by the rightful owner. In February of 2005 in another area of the subdivision abutting Parque Nacional el Choco, neighbors reported some 30 Kaoba trees, cut and hauled away, while others were openly burned. No action was taken against the perpetrators at that time.

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