Pirates of the Caribbean-Cabarete Sunshine and Investments in the Dominican Republic

Gran Cabanna Grave

Remorse for Life proudly presents:

Gordo Gannon skimming the ocean for fresh funds
Gordo Gannon skimming the ocean for fresh funds - nothing has changed in over 500 years: People in the DR live of piracy!

Gran Cabanna Cabarete, the last exclusive new resort which will never finish due to the developer Gordo Gannon with his bloody time share legacy - from the sun village scam.. Investors who have fallen pray to the sweet sales talk will have a dark awakening. In Cabarete this scumbag is known to be the pinkest fraud in town. Minimalist (use only lowest quality), upmarket (sell to wannabe millionaires), Inspired by the the story of Meyer Lansky, but that format is unreachable to little Gordo.
All Rooms & Suites would be luxurious if ever finished. But...

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  1. Gordon Gannon thinks he is the big shot in Cabarete. Actually, most serious people on the North Coast laugh about this little inflated canadian lumber jack character. In the 90s he stole from the gullible foreigners via worthless and inflated time share offers, over 2000 clients who would rather stab him with a steely knife. Now he is doing it all over again with the stupid gran cabanna resort, which will never open doors. Or with the totally over priced ocean point 1 and ocean point 2 apartments. He built them for 1000$/m2 and sold them for 5000$/m2.. AFter only 5 years they already are falling apart – Gordon Gannon is the scum of the north coast

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