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Kite the Bay a New San Francisco Kite Surfing Company Announces the Use of a Jet Boat to Assist in Kite Surfing Expeditions

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 16, 2011

San Francisco kite surfing company, Kite the Bay uses a 21 foot jet boat to provide support to kite surfing clientele. The boat, named Windseeker, can take up to 6 people and their gear on a kite surfing expedition. It affords more space and comfort than the more typical jet ski that has been the conventional support boat used by many other kite surfing schools.

Using a jet boat has so many advantages over the jet ski says Captain John, owner of San Francisco kite surfing lessons, Kite the Bay. Not only is it more enjoyable for the students to be on the water, but people can take breaks in the boat while their partner is out in the water practicing with the kite.

When they come out of the water, they relax, and watch their friends work on the moves. It really speeds up the learning process, Captain John adds.

Its great when I can come out with my three friends and we all learn together, remarks Chris, who started kite surfing lessons and learning how to kite surf with his friends Martin and Dave in July. Its great having all the gear here in the boat and also being able to get completely out of the water and wind when you want. You learn a lot from watching your buddies work on the same stuff too!

Kite the Bay kite boarding company started its operation in 2010. The owner, John von Tesmar, believed a larger, more fully equipped boat, would optimize the kite surfing experience. Being a kite surfer in the Bay Area, it helps to be creative with how to get out on the water for a session. Theres not a whole lot of accessible beaches, but theres a ton of wind and water. The boat acts like an island; you can launch your kite from it, and come back to it when youre finished with your session. Its super convenient and quick! We can go wherever the wind is!

About Kite the Bay

John is a captain, licensed by the United States Coast Guard in 2010, and has been

both a windsurf and kite surf instructor since 1999. This San Francisco kite boarding instructor has spent time and kite surfed in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, the Outer Banks in North Carolina, and up and down the coast of California.

For more info contact KiteTheBay at 650-303-0587, or email Captainjohn(at)KiteTheBay(dot)com



A New San Francisco Kite Boarding School, Kite the Bay Announces the Use of a Kite Pole to Teach Students Boarding Skills

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 17, 2011

San Francisco kite boarding school, Kite the Bay is based on Treasure Island has designed an apparatus to help students get comfortable riding a board.

For those wanting to learn this exciting sport, spending time riding with the Kite Pole assimilates the feelings of kite in a controlled environment. By hooking up to the Kite Pole, a person is given the opportunity to feel the lifting and pulling component of kite surfing without being responsible to produce it. This allows a person to focus on the fundamentals of board skills.

Its really about getting used to being hooked up, being pulled, and becoming comfortable with it, says Captain John of Kite the Bay. Sure, its about getting up and riding the board, but even body-dragging in the water is kind of weird at first. The Kite Pole helps a person to develop good habits early in the process.

With the Kite Pole, and San Francisco kite surfing lessons, students can learn proper body-dragging techniques, put the board on their feet, and even pretend to steer the kite while they are riding the board. Unable to ride both in a regular and goofy stance? The Kite Pole provides the perfect isolated environment to practice.

Ive taken lessons at various other schools, but I could only get up and ride for a few seconds. The Kite Pole has really helped me learn good board mechanics and relax more, so now I feel more prepared to ride! Joe recalls of his board skills training with Kite the Bay in June of 2011.

Owner John von Tesmar saw the concept of the Kite Pole being used by a kite surfing out in Buxton, North Carolina-Kite Hatteras. It seemed like a great way to break the learning process down into stages. Until now, there were no alternatives to teaching board skills other than giving the person the board while theyre flying the kite. It was a lot to coordinate. Now, people are more successful at handling a board and kite simultaneously.

About Kite the Bay

The San Francisco kite surfing company, Kite the Bay began it operation in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2010. It is a full service school offering lessons from beginner to advanced and leads kite surfing tours throughout the bay. For more information, contact Kite the Bay at 650-303-0587 or email Captainjohn(at)kitethebay(dot)com.



Kite Surfing on the Maldives – Nautilus Liveaboard

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Kite Surfing on the Maldives - Nautilus Liveaboard

Image by Nautilus Cruises (Maldives)
Kite as kite can.

www.nautilus-cruise.com and www.nautilus-cruise.net

Kite Surfing

Image by HeatherW

Kite Surfing

Image by chrisl_D7000


Cool Kite Surfing images

A few nice kite surfing images I found:

Kite surfing - 02

Image by marcospozo
Windy day and kite surfing

Kite surfing - 10

Image by marcospozo
Windy day and kite surfing


Kite surfing!

Some cool kite surfing images:

Kite surfing!

Image by Lollie-Pop

Kite surf

Image by fotoparceiros

"kite surfing"

Image by Flicktone

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