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San Francisco Kite Surfing and Kiteboarding Company, Kite the Bay, Applies a New Approach in its Kiteboarding Program

Treasure Island, CA (PRWEB) February 15, 2012

San Francisco kite surfing company, Kite The Bay, offering kite surfing lessons throughout the San Francisco area, is currently employing a new approach to teach students how to kiteboard expertly. Kite the Bay now uses a support boat and a KitePole to enable students to concentrate on achieving the proper body and board balance on the waters surface.

The use of the boat and the Kite Pole gives students a head start on the learning curve, said Capt. John von Tesmar, watersport enthusiast and head instructor at Kite the Bay. Kiteboarding is a sport that combines two activities, where one action will have an effect on something else. Awareness is key. Then its about building your skills and knowing how to link the kite-flying and the board-riding skills together.

During kiteboarding, also called kite surfing, the kite provides the pull and lift needed for the surfer to move, while the board provides the platform on which the surfer stands on. Enhancing board skills early on guarantees a faster learning progression.

The support boat, christened Windseeker, is a 21-foot Yamaha jet boat equipped with a KitePole that helps students to develop proper board stance. Being hooked to the KitePole creates lift for the student while not needing to worry about steering the kite. This ensures students focus on mastering the right body and board posture, after which, they learn proper kite steering.

Kite the Bay has offered the most exciting and efficient kite surfing lessons and scenic tours on the San Francisco Bay for years.

For more information about its teaching methods or any of Kite the Bays services, call 650-273-0080 or view the company on the web at http://www.Kite the Bay.com.

About Kite the Bay

Kite the Bay offers the ultimate San Francisco kite surfing experiences on the bay with the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco cityscape in the background. Its head instructor, Capt. John von Tesmar, is a PASA-certified, Level Three Instructor with 12 years of teaching experience. Capt. von Tesmar was issued a captains OUPV license by the U.S. Coast Guard in March of 2010.


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San Francisco Kiteboarding Lessons Company, KGB Kiteboarding Holds Swap Meet and Kiteboarding Gear Demo Day

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

KGB Kiteboarding, San Franciscos authority on kiteboarding lessons, kiteboarding gear and kite surfing, will start monthly watersports swap meets off this spring with a meet on Saturday, April 21. Also held on that day will be a kite surfing product demo. The swap will start at 10 a.m. and last until 2 p.m. while the demo will take place from 1 to 8 p.m. During the swap meet, KGB will have many on-sale items in their fully stocked and recently expanded shop to choose from, as well as used or not so used equipment brought by watersport enthusiasts and customers. Interested people can come and shop from kiteboarding gear and other types of watersport equipment, like kayaks and windsurf rigs, so all kinds of people are welcome.

This is the first of what KGB plans on being monthly swap meets. If one cannot attend the April 21 event, they can attend the following swap meet, which will be on May 5 and then held the first Saturday of each month from June to September, weather permitting. There will be free coffee and donuts on hand, so its best to come early or theyll all be gone. The meets will be held in the parking and grassy area of KGBs newly expanded kiteboarding school and kite shop at 3310 Powell Street in Emeryville.

For the product demo day, representatives from many of the kiteboard brands that KGB stocks in the shop will be in attendance, with the latest equipment for customers to test out and ready to answer any questions they may have. Demo day will also be located at the IKO school, located at 3310 Powell Street in Emeryville, from noon to 8 p.m., wind dependent. The alternate date in case of the weather is April 22.

Customers, kiteboarders and potential new kiters are encouraged to come out to try all the new 2012 kiteboarding gear for free on April 21 or, at the very least, talk to our highly trained and experienced staff about this new and exciting watersport. Kiters wishing to try the gear out on the water will need to prove that they are experienced, independent kiteboarders to demo the kites and boards. There will be food, beverages and a DJ on hand. Visit our shop for directions to the nearby demo location. This upcoming demo and party event is shaping up to be one not to be missed. We have had requests from nearly all our vendors to be able to participate and we are expecting a large turnout, enthuses Royce Vaughn, KGB Kiteboarding proprietor and instructor.

For more information, please call 888-411-0732 or visit http://www.kgbswag.com.

About KGB Kiteboarding

KGB Kiteboarding is the San Francisco Bay Areas kiteboarding headquarters, where how to kiteboard is taught. It is the best source of everything kiteboarding, from enrolling for kiteboarding lessons to buying gear and repairing accessories. They teach snowkiting and powerkiting as well.


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San Franciscos Kite Surfing Company, KGB Kiteboarding Announces Free Demonstration

Emeryville, CA (PRWEB) June 06, 2012

The summer offers a challenging experience for those interested in kiteboarding lessons and kitesurfing, as KGB Kiteboarding in San Francisco is announcing a free demonstration. Set to take place from June 15 to June 17 in Emeryville, this three-day demo is open to all levels, from beginner to advanced.

We will have a top pro in kiteboarding on-hand to demonstrate progression, tricks, big air, wakestyle, slider technique and more, Royce Vaughn of KGB Kiteboarding said.

The demonstration will be handled by pro-rider Jake Buzianis.

In addition, KGB Kiteboarding welcomes the Best RV, which will be on-hand with the latest 2012 Best kiteboarding gear for attendees to demo.

Kiteboarding is a wind-generated boardsport that will have the kiteboarder gliding over the water and soaring to new heights. It is similar to wakeboarding, but instead of the boat pulling the kiteboarder, the power is in the kiteboarders very own hands in the form of a wind-powered, large kite.

The beauty of this sport is that once you buy your kiteboarding gear, the wind and water are free! Vaughn said.

KGB Kiteboarding offers a variety of courses on how to kiteboard or kitesurf, such as group trainer kiteboarding lessons (beginner) to advanced private instruction, all of which are certified by the International Kiteboarding Organization. In addition, KGB Kiteboarding features kiteboarding gear like kiteboards and kiteboarding kites.

For more information about the upcoming free demonstration or any of KGB Kiteboardings products or services, call 888-411-0732, view kiteboarding school on the Web at http://www.kgbswag.com or visit 3310 Powell St. in Emeryville.

About KGB Kiteboarding

KGB Kiteboarding is the San Francisco Bay Areas kiteboarding headquarters that offers everything to learn to kiteboard. It is the best source of everything kiteboarding, from enrolling for lessons to buying gear and repairing accessories. Not only is it the best shop for kiteboarding, but it also teaches snowkiting and powerkiting.

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Breakout Actress and Professional Kiteboarder Maika Monroe Teams Up with SOLOSHOT to Support Kiteboarding 4 Kids Charity

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) August 15, 2012

Santa Barbara native Maika Monroe is a rising Hollywood star. She just finished shooting the new Jason Reitman film Labor Day opposite Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin. Next month her first feature film, Rahmin Bahranis highly anticipated At Any Price, where she stars opposite Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid as Efrons love interest, will premiere at the Venice Film Festival. However, what people may not know is that this young Hollywood beauty is also a rising star in the extreme sport of kiteboarding. As a professional kiteboarder, Monroe has traveled the world training and competing. But her favorite spot remains Cabarete - an eccentric little kite and surf town on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. In 2010, at the age of 17, Maika decided to forgo her senior year of High School in favor of online studies so she could move to Cabarete and train full-time and take her kiteboarding to the next level. When not on the water, Monroes favorite activity is spending time with Cabaretes children. As a result, Maika became passionately involved with a local charitable organization - Kiteboarding 4 Kids (KB4K.org). KB4K holds an annual fundraising event and kiteboarding competition where proceeds go to local charities benefiting disadvantaged children.

"When I was living in the Dominican Republic the local kids became a part of my family, said Maika Monroe. They were always there on the beach to help me when I was training. Each time I returned from the U.S., I would bring them board shorts, baseball mitts and used kite gear that my family and I collected in Santa Barbara. Once I learned about KB4K, I knew I had found the perfect organization to combine my passions for kiteboarding and children - and to make a difference on a whole new level," concluded Monroe.

Monroe has teamed up with the 2012 title sponsor - SOLOSHOT - for this years competition happening August 17-19 in front of the Millennium Beach Resort. SOLOSHOT is the first and only automatic cameraman that allows professional and amateur athletes to get video of their sessions at distances up to 2000 ft away, with no camera operator, by automatically keeping a tripod mounted camera pointed towards the athlete. Monroe credits SOLOSHOT, whose co-founder Chris Boyle is Monroes kiteboarding coach and a Cabarete resident, with helping her perfect her kiteboarding skills.

SOLOSHOT is such a brilliant idea and an athletes dream, said Maika Monroe. It has given me the ability to film myself training without anyones help its perfect because I can go to the beach, set up my SOLOSHOT, and not have to rely on anyone to stand there and film me from the beach for hours. My mom or a friend can just relax while SOLOSHOT does all the work. When I can finally spend some time away from Hollywood and concentrate on training, I know SOLOSHOT will be a big part of helping me get to the elite competition level. It is also cool that Chris and my friends at SOLOSHOT are sponsoring KB4K this year, as we all try to give a little something back to such a beautiful place that has given so much to us, concluded Monroe.


Soloshot Inc. designs and manufactures SOLOSHOT in the USA. SOLOSHOT is a tripod base that communicates with a small waterproof transponder worn by the subject to automatically keep a camera pointed in their direction. SOLOSHOTs are currently handmade at the Soloshot, Inc. facilities located in San Antonio, Texas and available for immediate sale through the companys website http://www.soloshot.com. Discounted SOLOSHOTs are also available through August 30, 2012 on Kickstarter as Soloshot, Inc crowd funds their new high volume, automated production line - also located in San Antonio, Texas.

About Kiteboarding 4 Kids

KB4K is an organization started by neurosurgeon Kee Park and kiteboarding legend and longtime Cabarete resident, Laurel Eastman. Since its inception, KB4K has raised almost $ 60,000 for various charities benefiting the children of the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Visit http://www.kb4k.org/ for more information about the charity KB4K or go to http://www.active.com/donate/KB4K2012/soloshot to donate and make a difference.

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